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Pediatric Dentistry

Berks County, Reading and Wyomissing, Pennsylvania

Pediatric dentistry is the area of general dentistry that focuses on the dental needs of infants and children through the adolescent stages. This includes all preventive, therapeutic and primary care of the child's oral health and care. Dr. Schwartz of Wyomissing, Pennsylvania recommends that parents start bringing their children with them for dental visits before the age of two years. There are several reasons for this:

  • To begin teaching the child that the dentist's office can be a positive experience
  • To begin tracking the development and growth of the child's teeth
  • For early detection of developmental problems that may interfere with speech and hearing
  • To identify possible problems leading to issues with posture
  • To identify possible problems that may lead to concerns with the development of the child's facial structure

Tooth Development
Primary teeth usually begin coming in during the first year. The lower central incisors, followed by the upper ones are generally first to emerge. Usually at one year all of the incisors are present. Keep in mind that this process can vary from one child to the next over a six month period.

Bacterial Concerns
Once the infant's teeth have begun to emerge, the risk of bacterial development becomes a factor. If the immediate family has bad teeth, chances are it is due to the existence of bacteria in everyone's mouth that can easily be passed to the child's mouth as well. Good oral hygiene should be practiced in the parents and the child in order to be optimally effective.

The First Pediatric Examination
During your child's first pediatric dental examination, we will begin recording a thorough medical and dental history. You should be prepared to review all developmental records concerning prenatal, perinatal and postnatal stages.

Your child will be given an oral examination with you present in the office. In most cases, this will only be a visual exam. The possibility of developing oral and dental disease will be discussed at length so that you are fully aware of how important proper dental hygiene is even at this young age. Tooth decay can advance very rapidly in children.

Your child's oral and dental development will also be evaluated and you will learn about how many teeth are appropriate at what age and have the opportunity to ask any questions and discuss any concerns you may have. If therapy or fluoride treatments are necessary, they will be discussed as well. You will discuss other factors that may affect tooth development such as:

  • Sucking on a pacifier
  • Sucking on fingers
  • Oral hygiene
  • Diet
  • Injury prevention

To learn more about pediatric dentistry or any other dental questions you may have, please contact the Wyomissing, Pennsylvania Family and Cosmetic Dentistry practice of Dr. David A. Schwartz today.


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